L√ętzRead makes integrating L√ętzebuergesch into your Liewen easy.

While web-browsing, certain words will be displayed in L√ętzebuergesch to you.

You can still hover over any Wuert to see the original English.

Is L√ętzRead for me?

You have started Learning Luxembourgish
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You have a Basic Understanding of Reading & Pronunciation
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You would like to Refresh and Expand your Vocabulary for the 'Sproochentest
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You're a total beginner? Sorry, L√ętzRead is not for you (yet!). Better start off with a textbook and come back later (it won't be fun otherwise).

Privacy & User Data

To be able to translate words from websites, the L√ętzRead extension requires access to website data. However, Zero (0) user data is collected and all translation processing is done locally, without leaving your device.

Things to Keep in Mind [Beta]

Language is a complex area in which even the best automatic translation software errs. L√ętzRead overall accuracy is high enough to be useful for vocabulary training, but expect that there will be occasional words that don't fit, especially when a translation depends on specific context.


General Web Browsing / Spare Time
E.g. Reading News, Trivial Browsing, Wikipedia entries, etc.
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Work / Specialized Activity
You shouldn't use it on content that's very specific (e.g. scientific, legal, technical texts) as translations in these areas often depend on exact context.
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Learn more about the current limitations or how you can help: Roadmap

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